We are serious about proclaiming the Gospel in everything that we do and teach. This is why we exist as a ministry. We know that only the Good News that comes through Jesus Christ is what has the power to transform lives (Romans 1:16). No fancy programs, thrilling activities, or superb staff can get the job done. The Gospel is the power of God for salvation! Our desire is that every student that comes to our camp would believe the Gospel and seek to apply it to their everyday life. For this reason, students will hear the Gospel:

  • During the first night of worship — we want students to know why they are at camp. They are at camp in order to grow in their relationship with Jesus. This begins with the Gospel.
  • During a discussion time after every activity where our trained staff ask: “How does this activity provide a picture or illustration of the Gospel?”
  • In our morning Bible Study where our camp pastor carefully teaches and explains the Gospel in way students can understand.


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