Looking for solid, mature, evangelistic leaders that will commit for at least 1-2 years of their life to trust God, connect with a church and help develop a ministry to a campus in their community. Connect with Campus Missionary Interns (CMIs) from other churches to form a regional team of Missionaries focused on engaging every student on every campus in the region with the Gospel. What an opportunity!

Solid, mature, evangelistic leaders that are equipped and gifted and making disciples that make disciples! 

Campus Missionary Interns believe so strongly in their call to serve that they trust God to provide for their needs while serving. We will help you develop a support network of ministry partners that will commit to pray for you, to encourage you, and to provide for whatever financial needs you may have. Take a step of faith and watch God do what only God can do!

Pray about the opportunity. Where do you feel called to serve? Email your resume and a one-page cover letter explaining your desire to serve as a CMI to the Regional Campus Minister in the area desire to serve in.

CMA Colin Wood meeting with a student at WKU